Monday, February 14, 2011

Get Crunchy!

So I may sound a little weird, but I'm seriously considering attempting elimination communication with Teagan. It can't hurt to try, right? The worst thing that will happen is I will decide it's not for me and return to diapering. It would be a lot easier than changing diapers, and from what I have read it's not only an easy rhythm to fall into, it works with everything else I plan on doing (attachment parenting, breastfeeding, and cloth diapers). Because she will spend most of her time in the (ADORABLE!!) sling my friend Felina gave me, and will be allowed to breastfeed on demand, I should be able to pick up on her cues easier. I am hoping maybe it will make potty training later on easier than the time I am having with Aurora right now. I will more than likely be ordering Aurora a new potty watch (number THREE now I believe...><) tomorrow, and I may also go ahead and purchase the suggested potty for Teagan (so Aurora can have her own potty separate from Teagan's) and maybe a book or two from Amazon.

In other news, Punk Monkeys is going pretty well. Slow but steady, which works for me as I am sure to have my hands full any day now (are you listening Teagan?! Because you are already going on 3 days late!!!). My biggest fear right now is medical intervention. My OB has already brought up induction, which put me into tears. I want Teagan to come when she is ready, and I want it to be as natural as I can manage. I have no plans on accepting an epidural this time. Intraveneous drugs, yes, I am okay with. In a perfect world I hope to make it through with nothing, but from what I have heard about induced labors, the pitocin will make that near impossible.

But for now I am passing the time crocheting a blanket for Teagan, hoping it comes out right. This will be my first attempt at charting a pattern (her initials, "TLB" and three hearts below it).

Well, I should be sleeping. I feel like I'm storing up my sleep like a bear stores up food for winter!
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