Thursday, May 13, 2010

Your Baby Can Read and Birthday Parties

So I have been having Aurora watch Your Baby Can Read as of late, and she really seems to enjoy it. She especially loves when the songs come on; she loves to dance to Itsy Bitsy Spider! She also has started waving when "wave" comes on the screen :)
So next month my baby girl turns 1 year old! I am trying to figure out exactly what to do for her birthday. I know to get the traditional smash cake for her, but other than that I don't know really what to do. I figure have food for the guests of course, maybe a little play pool for her and any friends to play in, but are there really any party games you can play with a 1 year old? She loves Dora so that's what I'm going to theme her party as. Other than that, I'm kind of at a loss. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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