Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh, the Adventures to be Had...

So between the looks of my belly, the contractions I had on Monday night (and more off and on lately), and the insane nesting bend I went on this morning (the house hasn't been this clean in MONTHS), I think Teagan may be coming a bit earlier than expected. (And now that I have put that into writing, she'll be weeks late. Sigh.)
After having contractions from about 4am until about 5:30am on Monday morning (they finally subsided and I fell back to sleep) I decided it miiiiiight be a good idea to go ahead and get preregistered at the hospital and go take the tour of L&D. The nurse I met was extremely nice, and it made me feel more at ease when she told me that they are very accepting to letting the mothers go through labor as they wish, and even have the means to set up a squat bar for delivery. Sadly, she will be gone this coming weekend, and after looking at me and hearing about the contractions I'd been having, she said she thinks I may end up back there before she returns to duty the weekend after this one! I suppose only time will tell.
Today I went over to my friend Katelyn's house again, and got to play her new Kinect!!! It was an absolute blast. And seeing the pictures and videos that it recorded afterwords was hilarious!! (There is just something not right about a 9-months-pregnant woman dancing to "Poker Face") I really was blown away by how well it worked. And oh my goodness, was it ever a workout! Katie said she was expecting me to go into labor right there in her living room.
I also finished the scarf/hat sets for my niece and nephew last night =) I'm pretty proud of them.

My sister in law, Mariah, and I have decided to open up our own shop on Facebook called "Punk Monkeys". We've been talking about it for months, even made a page for it, but never actually made a definite decision about it. Well now we have, and we're hoping to open in the next couple of weeks! She makes gorgeous bows, tutus, and designs onesies. I'll be making crocheted hats, scarves, fingerless gloves, and a few other things (bags, etc). It should be fun =)
Well, Teagan has decided my bladder is a punching bag, so ta-ta for now!

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