Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Promise, I'll Write.

I have a very bad habit of starting blogs, but then never updating them. The last blog I constantly updated I had in high school. Anyone remember or still use Xanga? That was my haven. I now am an avid mom-blogger follower, and I want to start my own.
Let me use my first blog entry to introduce you to some of my favorites:

Hillbilly Housewife has to be my favorite site in the world. It is FULL of all kinds of useful crafts, recipes, and the best part--Susanne always responds to her emails.
Free Sample Freak is great if you love getting mail--and free stuff :) I love getting her daily emails, all packed with links to great free stuff that you can get from anywhere on the web. She also tries everything herself before posting it, just to make sure it's legit.
Dooce is an obvious one, and is purely for my entertainment. She gets a lot of flack, but I think she's a hoot.

Since I'm mid-move to Key West (my husband is in the USCG) I won't have too many interesting posts for a little bit, but I will be posting a few crafty how-to's as soon as I get my sewing machine back from the movers--I'm having withdrawal already!!!

Let me leave you with a Link of the Day:
For anyone with children--or even just to entertain the child inside, this little monster tutorial is just adorable.

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