Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shark® Steam Mop Review

So because all of the floors in our new home are that faux-wood, my husband and I decided to try out the Shark® Steam Mop.

We picked it up at the Navy Exchange around the corner from our house yesterday, and I was eager to get it out from the box! Right off I loved how easy it was to assemble. Just a few clicks and it's together! It has a very long cord, which makes it easy to move from room to room without having to plug and unplug every few feet, and I love the fact that all it needs is tap water--no worrying about my daughter or my dog getting into chemicals, and no need to buy any bottles of cleaning fluid or those wasteful (and certainly not eco-friendly!) disposable pads.

Another thing I liked about the Shark® was the size. It is tall enough that I wasn't having to bend over and hurt my back when I pushed it foreward.

(Don't I just look lovely in this pic? Lol.)

After I swept the house I mopped all but my daughter's and my bedrooms (I still have some unpacking to do in there), and this was the result:

The top one was the other clean pad that they included with the mop. As you can see, they aren't kidding when they say "The proof is on the pad"!

I may have to go over some areas one more time (just to satisfy my perfectionism) but I have to give the mop a lot of credit--this place was COVERED in dirt and dust from the renovations they had done before we moved in.

The floor also dried practically instantly, so I didn't end up mopping myself up into a corner like you can sometimes do with other mops.

Overall, I give the Shark® five stars! :)

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