Monday, November 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This week my husband has duty two days, Tuesday and Saturday, so I'll be preparing small meals and eating leftovers those days. You may also see some doubles from last week...that's because I really fell down on the job a couple of days :( I vow to do better this week!

Monday - Sweet & Sour pork chops, green beans, and biscuits
Tuesday - Crockpot BBQ chicken, corn, and leftover biscuits
Wednesday - Tacos and black beans & rice
Thursday - Chicken & dumplins and green beans
Friday - Baked ziti
Saturday - Leftovers :)
Sunday - Burgers and homemade fries

There aren't a lot of links to recipes this week because most of the recipes are from my family. The one exception is the Chicken & dumplins, which I got from one of Hillbilly Housewife's e-books. If you follow Econobusters they have liked up with Susanne to have a GREAT deal on a very large package of her e-books. Be sure to check that out!

Also, head on over to Org Junkie for more meal plan ideas!

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