Saturday, October 31, 2009


So yesterday I started some VERY last-minute Halloween preparations. (Hey, I figure with the move and all, I'm allowed to be a little late =P)

So the first thing I did was make these DELICIOUS cookies from this website (she has SO MANY yummy things to make!). Originally I was going to post pictures and directions...but I'm feeling lazy and still have to sew the cape for my costume and I figure anyone that is interested in making them can click the link and use those directions :)

I put pumpkin candies instead of candy corn because they're cuter (in my opinion) and offer more honey-flavored goodness :) (Did you know that that is the flavoring of candy corn? Honey. Didn't know that until the other day.)

The next thing I did was fail at an attempt to make a mouse costume out of an old sweatshirt. So instead, Flashdance!

Again I was going to post how I made this...but really, I don't think anyone is going to want to replicate that epic fail. Oh, well. Embarrassing pictures to show to future boyfriends.

At least the cookies turned out good! In fact I keep running back into the kitchen to grab one :) Breakfast of champions!

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